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Renaissance Masters CD: James Zabiela

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Feb. 24th, 2009 | 06:08 pm

If you ever wondered why it is EXACTLY that you love me, here it is:
It's because I am your music pimp mama and I always lead you to quality.

And because I love you so much and because I want you to be part of "The Next Big Thing", I bring you this.....because people will be talking about this two CD set for years to come. This is like Sasha's GU 13 Ibiza. Like BT's "This Binary Universe". Classic electronic music CDs whose quality lasts for years. And it should be in your CD collection or on your MP3 player because even if you aren't into electronic music, you're gonna LOVE this.

The first CD is lush and ambient with a gorgeous flow.
The second CD is more club/dance style.

There is an interview with James about them here with samples of what is on the CD:

Then click here and listen to the first 20 minutes of CD one:

Don't worry, I won't say "I told you so". =D

You can find the CD on iTunes (though I don't have a link for that)
or on Amazon:

While you are checking out his CD blog Part 3 has a link to FREE TRACK from the 2nd CD: http://www.renaissance.com/eflyers/zabiela/zabblog3/zabblog3launch.html

Also because I love you,
Free one hour February Promo Mix from James:


You're welcome!! =)


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